Making diagnostic results accessible to everyone with elegant marketing and simple to use digital products with easy to use interface.


Strategy —

Brand Strategy
Creative Strategy
Product Strategy
Prototyping & Validation

Design —

Art Direction
Brand Design
UI Design
Visual Design

Deliverables —

Responsive Web Designs
Responsive Web App
Branding Style Guide
iOS/Android App Design

Theranos is a biotech diagnostics company with the mission to make actionable information accessible to everyone at the time it matters.

Marketing Website

Getting the message across with beautiful photography and iconography to help people learn about the company, testing centers, and test menu.


A scalable visual system that could work for marketing materials as well as digital products. 

Web GUI Kit

Large scalable UI Libray was created to be used across various applications and platforms, internal as well as consumer-facing. 

Theranos Mobile App

iOS and Android native apps for users to receive results, create orders, find testing centers, and connect with local physicians.

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