Estate Planning

An online legal service marketplace that provides lawyer referrals specializing in Estate Planning and access to a database of legal information.


Strategy —

Brand Strategy
Creative Strategy
Product Strategy
Prototyping & Validation

Design —

Art Direction
UI/UX Design
Visual Design

Deliverables —

Web App Design

Leveraging existing 50k+ unique visitors per month, we redesigned entire experience for clients to easily find a perfect Estate Planning lawyer.

Landing Page

Educating the users about the importance of Estate Planning to engage them in converting to clients. 

Searching for Lawyers

The importance of finding individuals who can be trusted to take care of family matters with robust simple filtering options and detailed information upfront. 

Profile Page

Get detailed information about the lawyers with peer reviews and contact information.  

Attorney Dashboard

A detailed analytics dashboard for all attorneys to track profile visitors and communicate with client leads. 

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