Collect App

Tracking debts made easy. Collect App was designed and Developed to keep track of all dues and debt in one simple app.


Strategy —

Brand Strategy
Creative Strategy
Product Strategy
Prototyping & Validation

Design —

Art Direction
Brand Design
UI Design
Visual Design

Deliverables —

Branding Style Guide
iOS Design
iOS Development

We design and developed Collect App out of pure necessity to make tracking debts and sending reminders with only a few taps.

Research and UX

Understanding the problem is half the battle. Identifying the issues and exploring solutions best user experience. 


UColor palette and simple UI elements created to keep a simple, easy to use interface.

App Design

Simple interface to add Debts with only a few taps. Send reminders to your contacts with premade SMS or Email.




Used across the world, helping people Collect their Dues.



With only 2 years on Apple App Store and no paid makering.

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